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What Do I Need to Do to Prepare My Garden for a Shed or Storage Item?

Please ensure a flat and level surface on which to build and locate your product.

For larger items such as our Sheds, we recommend that you use a wooden or concrete base as a foundation..

For external access during assembly, please make sure you allow sufficient clearance (60cm/2ft) around all sides of the shed to enable assembly on the prepared surface and between the shed and walls, fences, foliage, etc. This includes full access for a step-ladder. For the best results, and because of the product’s size and weight, it is recommended that you construct the shed where it will be permanently sited.

What Do Your Stated Shed Dimensions Represent?

The dimensions shown on our website relate to the maximum height, width and depth of the shed.

Because of the overhang on the eaves, the width and depth dimensions shown are therefore not identical to the footprint.

If you are planning to lay a concrete or other base underneath the shed and want this to be hidden from view, you can find the floor dimensions of each shed in the front section of the assembly instructions on each of the product pages of this website. Just click on the “Assembly Instructions” tab at the bottom of the product page to bring these up.

What Tools Do I Need to Assemble Your Products?

Keter products are designed for easy, straightforward assembly, and involve no special DIY skill. Our Storage Boxes can be put together in minutes, while almost all of our Store It Out series can usually be built inside an hour. Even our very largest Sheds can usually be constructed in roughly half a day.  

Guidance and recommendations on the tools required are detailed in our assembly instructions. To summarise here:

Our highly popular Store It Out series requires only a screwdriver, power-drill and protective gloves for quick self-assembly.
Our Garden Sheds similarly require only standard household tools: in this case, a screwdriver, power drill, mallet, adjustable spanner and stepladder. We recommend the use of safety gloves and goggles for added protection. 

Many of our Garden Boxes involve simple, click-together, assembly. The remainder need only a screwdriver and protective gloves.

Finally, our Garden Furniture Lounge Sets come complete with a turn-key and therefore require no additional hand-tools to complete the job.

Additionally, all necessary fixtures and fittings are included with your product – there are no extra screws, etc to buy.

All of which makes for a hassle-free solution that saves you time! 

How Many People Does It Take to Assemble Your Products?

Our assembly instructions contain clear advice, guidance and recommendations on each stage of the assembly process, and can be directly downloaded from the relevant product page.

As a brief overview here:

  • We recommend two person self-assembly for our Garden Sheds, particularly to facilitate the placement and fixture of the walls and roof, as well as for our Store It Outs and larger Garden Boxes.
  • Our smaller Garden Boxes and Garden Furniture can normally be assembled quickly and easily by just a single person.

In all cases, assembly requires no special DIY skill and involves standard household tools, for quick, easy construction.

For any additional assembly tips or advice, just click on our Customer Care tab and complete the enquiry form shown in the Contact Us section. We’ll get back to you with the details as soon as we can.

Alternatively, you can phone our local UK Consumer Services with your query on 0121 506 0008.

How Can I Get a Copy of the Assembly Instructions?

If you have lost - or require another copy of - the assembly instructions for any of our products, simply visit the relevant product page on this website.

At the bottom of each product description, you will find an Assembly Instructions tab. Just click on the tab to download a PDF of the instruction manual.

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Keter Shed?

Planning permission is not usually required for a garden shed in the UK if it is being used for domestic purposes only.

Exceptions include those occasions when the shed’s height exceeds 4m or the height of the eaves exceed 2.5m if the shed is sited within 2 metres of a property boundary, when any part of the shed is within 3.5m of the property boundary with a road to the rear of the house, and use for sleeping purposes.

Exceptions may also include houses within a World Heritage Site, Conservation Area, an area of outstanding natural beauty or National Park, or if there is a condition in the original planning consent for the property. 

Please note that the above is not exhaustive, and is intended as introductory guidance only. We cannot accept responsibility for its accuracy or any future changes. Please consult with your local authority Planning Department if you have any doubts.

How Do I Activate My Manufacturer’s Product Warranty?

Simply retain your proof of purchase and keep available to submit in the unlikely event of being required. For details of individual products’ warranty cover, please see their assembly instructions, which can be downloaded from the relevant product pages on this website.

What Do I Need to Do to Care For My Product?

Keter products are made of tough, hard-wearing resin, with steel reinforcement where appropriate, in order to stand up to the elements with a minimum of maintenance and fading.

Unlike timber products, there is no need for annual treatment, painting or re-felting. If required, an occasional simple wash-down is all that is necessary to keep Keter Garden items looking clean and just like new - season after season - so that you can get on with the more important things in life! 

How Do I Get a Spare or Replacement Part?

Keter products are designed to last for many years of performance and enjoyment.

In the unlikely event that a part is broken or missing, our local UK Consumer Services team offers a spares and replacement service on many of our key product parts. Please contact them and they will arrange for these to be sent out as quickly as possible.

To do so, simply click on the Customer Care tab at the top of this page, and complete the form shown in the Contact Us section. As detailed in our assembly instructions, each part has a code; please reference this if at all possible. Please also reference your proof of purchase.

Alternatively, you can phone our UK Help team on 0121 506 0008. Again, please have the details of the part and your proof of purchase to hand wherever possible.

Even if your product is out of warranty, we may still be able to help you purchase new parts. Just drop us a line for further details!

Can I Paint My Keter Shed?

Manufactured in a unique compound called Duotech™, the walls of our Oakland and Artisan Sheds can be decorated with water-based acrylic paint for exterior use. We recommend solid, light shades, satin or a semi-gloss finish. Please keep in mind that painting requires maintenance, and therefore that after some time, re-painting may be required.

So now you have the freedom to personalise your shed, or to match it to your landscape, patio, decking or outdoor setting and create your own Amazing Space. 

Although we quite like our sheds the way they are!

Where Can I Buy a Specific Keter Product?

To identify a retail stockist for any of the items detailed on this website, please visit the individual product page and click on the Where to Buy tab.

Alternatively, just click on our Customer Care tab, select the Contact Us option in the drop-down menu and complete the enquiry form. We’ll get back to you with the details as soon as we can.