Winter Is Coming So Let’s Hygge It Out

Winter Is Coming So Let’s Hygge It Out

Winter Is Coming So Let’s Hygge It Out

In Norwegian and Danish, Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) means “a mood of cosiness” or “to give comfort and joy”.

In case you missed it, in 2017 the Hygge lifestyle took the world by storm and especially the Hygge interior design.

Although Hygge is a state of mind and Hygge décor is not limited to winter and can be used all year round, there’s no doubt winter is the perfect season for this concept’s cosy-comfy appeal.

Here are some tips that will help you use Hygge in your interior design.



It’s not a coincidence that Denmark and other Scandinavian countries are considered the largest consumers of candles, since the warm glow of candlelight creates the perfect cosy, uplifting and relaxing atmosphere, which is what Hygge is all about. So, invest heavily in candles and use them as often as you like.


Comfortable décor

Fluffy pillows, throw blankets, snug nooks, soft fabrics and cozy seats will all bring some Hygge into your life. When you design your space, just imagine yourself snuggling up on a cold winter day with a cup of hot drink and a good book, and with that in mind create your décor.


The colour schemes

Stick to neutrals and a warm colour palette to create the Hygge feel. The important thing to remember is this is not only about the look but also how the colours will make you feel. Therefore, although it's not an absolute no to use some cool and bright colours, the warmer more neutrals tones should be your main colour scheme.


Textures are important

Adding dimension to your interior design is another way to soften your décor and more importantly, to take the tactile sense into account. Think soft linens, faux fur rugs and wood furniture.