Halloween Is Coming - Get Your Home Ready!

Halloween Is Coming - Get Your Home Ready!

Halloween Is Coming - Get Your Home Ready!

We all know it’s easy to add some chilling Halloween cheer with lights and some scary decorations, but wouldn’t you like to do something a little bit different? If your answer is yes, here are some out of the box and easy to execute ideas that will both terrify and entertain your Halloween guests. 


There’s a bug in my drink!

Get some plastic bugs of all kinds and place one in each chamber of an ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze. When your guests arrive, offer them a cold and refreshing drink from your cool bar and drop your bug ice cubes in it just before you serve.


Ghosts in the backyard

Here’s what you need: white gauze fabric, chicken wire and fluorescent garden lights. Cover the chicken wire with the white gauze, tying it at the top so it resembles a small head. If you like, you can spray the gauze with starch. Next, cover the fluorescent garden lights with the gauze covered chicken wire and turn them on. The result: scary little ghosts running around your backyard.


Spiders on the table

Using black ceramic paint, paint black spiders on white plates and place some plastic spiders around the table. Creepy!


Add eeriness with cheesecloth

This is one of the easiest decorations on our list. Simply tear up some cheesecloth and hang it around the backyard and home. You can even cover your chairs with shredded cheesecloth to give them a ghostly look, or use it as a table cloth. All this tattered drapery will create a chilling atmosphere fit for Halloween.


Pumpkins into black cats

Paint some pumpkins black and use white and yellow paint to create cat’s eyes and whiskers. Put them on display anywhere you like.