Going Crazy Indoors? It’s time for Some Winter DIY!

Going Crazy Indoors? It’s time for Some Winter DIY!

Going Crazy Indoors? It’s time for Some Winter DIY!

Much of winter is about finding creative ways to pass the time indoors, because it's simply too cold to go out. So, if you’ve already run out of ideas of how to pass the time and you need a good DIY project to get you going, here’s some inspiration to get you started. All you need is your tool box and the right materials, and you’re good to go.


1. An extremely easy to make mood lighting

This is a brilliant and bright (pun most definitely intended) idea to add some light to any space in your home.

All you need is a long branch or a long wooden pole of any kind, and a garland or a few lamp cords. If you choose to use lamp cords, connect them together and plug in.

Then, hang the branch from the ceiling and simply wrap the garland or lamp cords around it. The outcome is an incredibly cool mood lighting fixture that will add character and warmth to any space.


2. Easily block cold drafts

If your windows and doors are not completely and totally sealed, those cold winter drafts probably find their way in through the bottom of your doors and windows.

To easily fix that using a DIY draft stopper, get a piece of fabric and cut it the length of your doorway or window seal, and double the thickness you want your dodger to be.

Fold it in half length wise and stitch together, leaving one long edge open.

Stuff with a mixture of leftover fabric and rice or wadding and rice (filling with rice or dried beans makes it heavy enough to keep out the drafts) and sew the open long edge and place underneath the doors and windows.