3 Interior Design Trends to be Inspired by in 2020

3 Interior Design Trends to be Inspired by in 2020

3 Interior Design Trends to be Inspired by in 2020

If you feel like refreshing your home décor for 2020 and need some inspiration, here are three of the most beautiful design trends worth knowing about.


1. Start with the Colour Palette

Updating your interior’s colour palette could be a very easy, quick and cost-effective way to refresh your décor. The latest colour trends add some boldness into the mix with unusual colour combinations such as burnished red with dark brown, navy and mauve.

Best to use in: This trend is perfect for the living room but you can try applying it to cushions, rugs and walls in any room where you want to make a statement.


2. The Nordic Minimalist Design Trend Evolves

The Nordic greys, whites and neutral colors are now paired with dark accent colours for a more balanced look. This evolution of the minimalist Nordic style means a more comfortable and relaxed looking space, using not only colours but also textures such as rattan furniture and soft, raw materials.

Best to use in: Any room or space in your home can be perfect for this trend, whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.


3. Eclectic 30’s Revival – Hollywood Golden Age

The sophisticated, lavish elegance of the 1930’s is back with a twist, bringing an interesting mix of styles and trends together to create an unusual atmosphere of comfort and glamour. This style is mainly uncluttered, while accessories and furniture stand out thanks to metallic finishes, art deco patterns, vibrant colours and rich textiles.

Best to use in: Wherever you want to make a very bold statement – try it in the living room with sparkling crystal cocktail glasses and a shiny bar cart, sumptuous cushions on the sofa or a plush velvet couch, or in the bedroom and dining area with a vibrant art deco wall paper.